Hurrah again for TiVo, which taped Crossfire for me today and Janeane Garofalo is the co-host! Not the guest, but the actual 'from-the-left' co-host with Tucker Carlson, and she's on all week. She's a bit unused to the teleprompter, but is doing great. Have you seen her new blonde hair? I can't find a picture. She was on Real Time with Bill Maher with it too. (Wow, Margaret Cho is on next week's Real Time! She's also coming to Big City on her tour!) Oh, man, the conservatives are being so condescending to Janeane. I seriously want to write her fan letters.

I've been busy for the last week putting together a new hard rock radio station, which debuts tomorrow. I have listened to so much Limp Bizkit and Korn and Tool and also a few things that I like. I was a huge metalhead in high school; what happened? I seriously don't get this stuff. Misanthropy beats misogyny hands down. And what is going on with Tool, seriously? I know I don't get prog, but albums and albums full of extended 8-minute songs about butt sex?

They're not even happy songs.


haha, the vegan diet totally went out the window. Lasted a week and a half, maybe. Honestly the wheat-free part was the hardest. If I could afford to go out for pad thai all the time it wouldn't be that bad, but as it is, bleh.

The b/f comes back from his Big City summer job adventure in a week, hopefully with a job offer. He played golf for the first time last week AND LIKED IT. The soul is all gone. On the other hand, reunion sex rocks.

I told myself I'd start looking for a job in Big City as soon as we were settled in our new place, but my big hope is suddenly my deep fear: that I'd land a job quickly. The summer without him has been harder than I thought, and trying to settle into a new job without him would be a little too much to handle. I'd like to be here for support during his last year of law school, too. I haven't talked to him about it yet, but I think he'd be cool supporting me if I didn't get a job there once he graduated. Hell, I've saved enough money to not have to bother him about it, so who cares. Things are generally pretty good.