Independent Film Channel: Dinner For Five. Never knew it existed, but Tivo gets everything with Janeane Garofalo in it, so I got this. Jon Favreau has dinner in NYC with Janeane, Dave Eggers, David Byrne, and Joe Pantoliano. Wow. It sounds so awesome.

Actually they just end up talking about cancer.


Still mulling over the css redesign. I don't really know that much about the principles of design and I'm too undiciplined about it. I want to put too many different elements into it. I'd really like to do something Frank Lloyd Wright/Arts & Craftsy, I guess, but there are so many other fun looks. Dark Victorian? Twee-goth? Super-modern?


You saw it here first: Silence! The Musical.


V. lonely at night without boyfriend. Roof leaked last night too. More cracks appear in walls every day. Moving in a month.

R.P. in NYC, where are you? I left a message on your cell phone. Email me please...I just don't want to lose track of you.

Lower East Side love.


Wow, how lame have I been? Things have been beyond crazy, working multiple jobs, etc etc. I may have more time on my hands now that the boyfriend's gone to his summer job in Big City. I want to redesign my css too. The zengarden thing's got me inspired. If you want ridiculously long blog entries, Flight Risk should keep you satisfied.