Last night I had war dreams, end-of-the-world dreams. Everyone was pretty resigned to it. We did take a bunch of equipment out and make some sort of crazy pirate radio station, or maybe we just carted a huge sound system out into the middle of the street. Everyone was chilling out in the streets and trying to find a semi-private area to have their end-of-the-world screw. The boyfriend said he had end-of-the-world dreams too but they were heavily influenced by our watching of Metal Mania. I downloaded Operation Mindcrime for him overnight.


Also, if I were a member of Vixen, I would totally be the bassist because my hair is really limp and fine and there's no way I could get it to be as big as the other girls'.
Hurrah for a lazy day.

Hurrah for a VH1 Classic Metal Mania Weekend!

Here is one half-hour of programming.

House Of Lords - I Wanna Be Loved
Mama's Boys - Mama We're All Crazy Now (note non-Slade spelling)
Kix - Body Talk (the video is so hideous; seemingly shot on videotape, band on a cheap stage intercut with shots of twenty girls in leotards doing aerobics in a high school gym.)
Pretty Boy Floyd - I Wanna Be With You (from the fine album 'Leather Boyz With Electric Toyz')
Then commercials, and then guest VJ or something Leslie West from Mountain talks for a reallllllly long time.
Then Def Leppard - Rock Of Ages (could there be a video more classic! the tied-up chick looks at the owl! the owl looks at Joe Elliot's ass! cut to gauntleted hand crushing goblet of mysteriously red fluid! the end bit where Joe waves an amazingly large glowing sword!)
Then Tesla - Gettin' Better. I've never heard of it, but it's got a lovely black-and-white video with sad shots of smokestacks and workers in hardhats. Oh, but then it goes all color and uptempo and relentlessly optimistic! Yeah!
Then the BEYOND CLASSIC POISON - FALLEN ANGEL that opens up with the little skit in the beginning where the hottie daugher informs the parents that she's going to move to California...on Friday. You remember how this one goes.
Gad, now it's been ages since I posted. Work has still been seriously weird. Yay for the weekend.

Also yay for Tivo. I'm watching Real Time With Bill Maher and he had Michael Moore by satellite and Janeane Garofalo on the roundtable. Excellent. Janeane is looking too thin these days...I'm worried all the activism is taking its toll on her, but bless her for it. I hate that she's getting attacked by people who didn't even know her genius before this whole mess started.


Two soy chicken patties on buns, bowl of mac and cheese, and two Miller High Lifes for dinner tonight. A bit much really but I didn't have lunch.

Soulseek means that I'm rediscovering the Cure by finally getting to listen to all those demos and b-sides I could never get my hands on. Ace. Also very interesting to see what people think is interesting out of my collection. So far it's Massive Attack's Mezzanine by a mile. I certainly thought everyone already had this album. It's certainly one you should buy and not download because you need to have high fidelity on a good system, loud. It's not much fun listening to mp3s on bitty laptop speakers, but you get the general idea of the song. I guess I need to bring my kickass Sennheisers home to see if that helps.

Must plug People Talk Too Loud for the redesign and the generall all-around goodness. Maybe one of these days I'll even write an article for them. Right now I've got an article due for Radio and Rec0rds, though; 1700 words of "I don't know, whatever you think is important." 1700!

I hafta watch 24 now.


I can't believe it's only been a few days since the bombs began dropping. Went to bed the night of the 19th to be woken up by all the calls from work telling me it was on. We had a plan in place, of course; we've had enough time to come up with one. Everything went fine and I didn't have to go in and supervise.

It's always strange to be in that newsroom environment when things are really happening. I walked in right before the bombs started getting enormously scary on Friday - or was it Thursday? (everything's blended together and the days have been very long.) Everyone was fighting back the tears, some more successfully than others.

Salam has been breaking my heart.

The basketball is nice and distracting. I really don't know what else to do. The marches and rallies help too.

Tomorrow I'm doing a political talk show (I guess I'm supposed to be the young idealistic voice) and I'm going to have to get all my feelings and arguments down into sound bites.

I'm really glad it's the weekend. The atmosphere at the radio station is suffocating at times like these.


crapcrapcrapcrapcrap. I bought an expensive pair of boots in the mail and now they've arrived and I'm SCARED of them.

They've been all repackaged and are sitting under the coffee table in a box in a box.

I think I like them but I'm not sure and I just need a little time away. They're intense.

I think they'll be really good over tight jeans but not so good with skirts.

So maybe I need another pair of boots that goes with skirts.


I totally came home from work early so I could take a nap and go out tonight and the band I was going to see cancelled.

ABC is calling their coverage 'When Diplomacy Fails'.

I think dancing in your living room is an acceptable form of personal protest.

Dance-ins are where it's at, baby.
Wine and cheese.

The unidentified soft cheese I bought had the oddest aftertaste. I couldn't place it for a long time and then I got it: creme hair developer.

I threw it out. This is the second Brie/Camembert stylee in a row that's been bad news. Bad luck is enough, bad cheese luck is something else.

The Pinot Noir I bought on the recommendation of the Times is good (well, adequate + cheap = good) but it really needs to breathe a lot before drinking. So I took a straw and blew lots of bubbles in my glass. It worked like a charm but I have a feeling purists might scoff. I remember something about not 'bruising the wine' being important. Whatever. It's an eight dollar bottle.

Ugh. When I went to the Times site to get that page, I was confronted with all that reality that's going on today. Today after all the news came down all of us in the office that run radio stations got together and figured out what we were going to do when things start happening. I mean, we kind of already knew; goodness knows we've had enough time to plan, but we just finalized those plans as much as we could. It's kind of a surreal experience, planning for all this.

I'm hoping nothing happens tonight so that I can go out dancing.


It's early. I've been up for three hours already and watched the sun rise. I had a horrible cry-in-my-office-for-an-hour day yesterday and went home an hour early and just wanted the day to end. I made macaroni and cheese and a vodka martini and went to bed at 5.

It was good stuff.

So I got up today at 5 with my eyes still swollen and felt better. I'm going to a peace march today where one of my favorite local bands is playing. It's foggy now but should turn out to be a beautiful day, and I'm looking forward to standing in the sunshine and feeling positive.

I also bought a pair of boots yesterday. Yeah, just in time for summer. Whatever; that's how you get them cheap.

Very much enjoying Soviet. Perfect: a few days after I discover them, they're coming to play in my town! Although listening to all this synth-pop is making my head hurt with all its high-end bleeps and blips. I need to download a good equalizer and/or listen through headphones.


The new issue of New York Magazine is the real estate porn issue. They don't call it that but there's no reason why they shouldn't. I think about getting a place all the time and it drives me nuts. I don't know why I want one. I just want to own a piece of the city.

The boyfriend and I are actually using an apartment in Rome as a motivator. You know, like once we're 50 we'll have enough money to buy one and live there part of the year. It's a nice dream. Maybe it could even happen. You never know.

If you haven't noticed, I'm heavy-duty into the escapism right now. Freedom fries will do that to you.


Okay, I'm reallllly digging the laptop. The boyfriend came in and asked if he needed to cut me off. Finally getting the hang of Soulseek, too. Listening to Soviet now.


The guy on the right? Too sexy for his hat.

C'mon, that's a great look he's giving us! I actually thought this guy was quite hot when I saw him on the cover of USA today this morning until I realized he was a killing machine and probably 15 besides.

Crap, boyfriend's home. Caught in the act.


At a law school party the other night; horrible. At one point the boyfriend's study partner leaned over to me and said, "What does it say about this group that the average age is 27 and everyone's doing jello shots?" I thought that was great and mentioned it to my morning show partner this morning. He didn't laugh. Now that I think about it, radio get-togethers are that silly too. I don't know what I'm looking for in a party here, cool sophisticates listening to dub and drinking things out of martini glasses? No. (Okay, maybe.) The difference is that law folk are jocky superachievers and radio folk are burnout superachievers. (Kind of a weird subset, I know, but it's true.) When I walked into the law school party, they were playing the Avril album. I was mortified but secretly excited to hear the tracks that weren't singles.


Hey, look, we're not at war. I'm not going to mention it again. Probably.

Everybody's linking to World Of Ends but it really is worth a read.

It is time for more escapist fashion!!

The more I see the Louis Vuitton Spring 2003 collection, the more I really like it. Now that it's moved from runway snaps onto editorial pages and into stores, I'm really impressed with the clothes. LV has always been a status label that made status bags, bags that I never really cared for despite their lovely workmanship. Marc Jacobs does their clothing, and although I thought his collection for his own label was perfectly adequate and no more, the ready-to-wear from LV was just...darling. It's minnie mouse stuff with bows and piping that I never thought I'd like for myself but keep coming back to. In much the same way, I finally saw some of Zac Posen's stuff (in Vogue again) and there was one dress in particular, the Cleopatra's Garden Dress, that I WANTED TO EAT, it was so lovely. Fine, now I see what the fuss is about.

More escapism later; the boyfriend is calling.


Watching the press conference and surprised that Bush is even doing a live press conference. He says he doesn't want to go to war.

Looking at the almanac, I'd guess it's all starting Sunday:

U.S. Naval Observatory
Astronomical Applications Department

Sun and Moon Data for One Day
The following information is provided for (longitude E44.4, latitude N33.3):

9 March 2003 Universal Time + 2h

Begin civil twilight 04:57
Sunrise 05:22
Sun transit 11:13
Sunset 17:05
End civil twilight 17:30

Moonset 21:58 on preceding day
Moonrise 08:41
Moon transit 15:45
Moonset 22:56
Moonrise 09:16 on following day

Phase of the Moon on 9 March: waxing crescent with 32% of the Moon's visible disk illuminated.

First quarter Moon on 11 March 2003 at 09:15 (Universal Time + 2h).

Data from the US Naval Observatory. It's gonna get really hot over there if we wait much longer.

This is not a warblog; we will return to fashion coverage later.
Tuesday night's 24 was incredible. I feel foolish for letting a television show affect me, but man, it put the big atomic fear in me in a way that I haven't felt since the Reagan years. It was a weird place to be; I'd kind of forgotten how even as a kid, that cloud of paranoia was hanging over all of us. Maybe I was just a paranoid kid, but I remember everyone else talking about how scared The Day After made them. I never saw it.


Whee hoo. Blogging from my new laptop. For now this just means that I can do the internet while watching television in the living room, thus packing more information into my brain for the morning. I don't even have a carrying case for it yet, but of course I'm window-shopping for one.

Yesterday morning I officially got the 10-year high school reunion email. What a punch in the head. The lady doing the organizing was a nice girl; I sat next to her in my auto shop class and probably a lot of the others as well, since there were only a hundred people in my graduating class and she was tracked with me. So actually it didn't fill me with dread the way I thought it might. Still don't know if I'll go, since I ran pretty far away when I left. In a number of senses.

You think when you leave that if you ever go back, you'll have it figured out; you'll be full of confidence and the bastards will not get you down. Now I know that's the very least of my issues. I didn't even know how far away I could get from that place, and I'm guessing my classmates may not have known how far they could go either. I live in such an ivory-tower town now; people have no concept of the rural poor. I grew up with kids who didn't have telephones, who were sleeping several to a room, who had dirt floors, who had wildly dysfunctional families. A lot of the kids dropped out to work in the fields with their parents. Others got pregnant and dropped out. One girl got hit by a car and died when she was collecting scrap metal along the highway with her family. My parents had a three-bedroom ranch and I thought we were living in the lap of luxury. I hated a lot of these kids, but I liked a lot of them too. I'm rooting for all of them now.