Pearl River Mall moved! It's now at 477 Broadway near Grand. Someone tell me what's in the old space. Whatta great place.

Oh crap. I forgot to scan in some of the pictures from the new Vogue. Spring fashion issue, dontcha know, and an inch thick. They did a section on up-and-coming designers and included Jun Takahashi, who I've been following for five or six years now, ever since I saw this great collection of his with silkscreens of Bela Lugosi as Dracula on big coats and capes. He designs for Undercover now and showed his first collection in Paris last October. Go Jun.


My best girl is away for the weekend but she left me the funniest post.

I drank a bottle of wine the other night with my friend the mom. She cooked dinner for me and the boyfriend, and while we were hanging out in the kitchen cooking, we drank a bottle, then we drank another at dinner. The stupid boys did not help us with this at all. It was a huge dinner with cheesecake for desert, and I actually got so drunk and full that I had to secretly puke in her bathroom. Quite shameful. B/f was laughing at me when we got home because I passed out in bed and he said he couldn't roll me over. (Couldn't possibly be true; he's at least twice my weight and v. strong.) He also said I spoke in tongues to him.

Hey, look, AudioBlogger! From the Audblog folks. We'll see where this goes.

Best blog by an 11 year-old. Heck, best blog I've seen in a while.
A moment of remembrance for Mr. Rogers.

Spend some time with your imagination today.


So Ali G has finally made his way to this side of the Atlantic. The first episode was "Law And Order" and the little lawyer bird boyfriend thought it was genius. Very often we find British humor delightful but excruciating.

Deleting rest of post about fear of being poor because too tipsy to choose right words. Do want to emphasize that fear of being poor does not equal desire to be rich.



I really wish I could find the time to post more often. The spyware at work officially went into action last week, though they haven't made it public yet.

Looking forward to talking about the duct tape thing on the radio. I showed this to a co-worker with resident alien status yesterday and he said, "Why haven't you people staged a revolution?"

I dreamed about NYC last night but didn't get to walk around in the city...I was at a conference or something at NYU and checked into my dorm room on the top floor, so at least I saw the skyline.

The boyfriend had a Orange Alert dream a few nights ago where he got drafted and sent to the Gulf but his company was a bunch of slackers and they just hung out and made jokes about having a government job and played Playstation games. Their commander was named Captain Gaylord Sinclair and they made fun of him. I told him about my dream where people with tattered clothes were walking through the streets of New York and he interrupted me and said, "but then it turned out it was just Fashion Week, right?"

He's still very pleased with himself for that one.


Holy crap. I'm getting a laptop.

Here's my path. I check blogdex for interesting things, see a link to a $799 Lindows superlight notebook. I check the citations to see who's talking about this and what they have to say. Slashdot is one of the links, so I see what their community has to say about it. Pros and cons are discussed, and someone says, well, that's kind of expensive considering this deal from Dell: "Celeron 1.6GHz, 256MB RAM, 20GB HD for $595."

So I got it. It's not as light as the Lindows machine, but it has a CD-ROM drive and a lot of other good things. I'm a little disappointed that I'm not going to get to play around with Linux, which I've always wanted to do, but hey.

I see blogdex is also throwing up this piece-of-crap editorial that has a few good points but is pretty conspiracy-theorist to be running in the Times. I'm personally desparate for a good new protest song, and I'm trying to find old ones that might fit the mood too. "Ohio" is one of the best songs around; the curmudgeon in me wants to say they're not making them like that anymore. Neil's about due for a new album, isn't he? Okay, yeah, my station's not owned by a huge corporation, but we're not a crunchy public station either--we're a very successful and very commercial station. Even leaving aside the politics of it, controversy attracts attention.

Man, I'm hung over and cranky. I'm going to go read a book or something.


I am listening to the Hives, drinking, and having way too much fun on the internet. I'm going to lose the meagre social skills I have.

Wow, that Hives album needs to be longer. I went looking for my copy of Raw Power but couldn't find it, saw Nellyville and thought that might be a good idea, then saw Master of Puppets and settled on that.

It was a good choice.


Update: The boyfriend comes home:

Boyfriend: Hey! Are you on the computer?
Me: Yeah, I had to read everything I missed on the internet. Did you hear Google bought Blogger?
Boyfriend: Google bought Blogger? Holy shit! I don't know what that means! (glances at pile of mail on desk, reads aloud:) "Spring Fashion, New York." Jesus. Where's my dice? I'm going to be gaming at M_____'s."

Tee hee.

Also, SALYT has moved. I love this site.
Halloo, I'm back. Tragic that I had to be away in the middle of NYC Fashion Week, I know, but I wasn't going to give up record labels buying me drinks in paradise. Will filter fashion for you later, promise.

I've been on the boyfriend's dialup for hours trying to catch up on things. Paradise doesn't come with the internet, which I think is part of what makes it paradise. The best part is when you forget the internet (although paradoxically you don't realize you've forgotten).

I can't believe Google bought Blogger. My mind is reeling with the possibilities. I always tend to freak out a little about any sort of media consolidiation, but really, these are two of the coolest companies out there. I'm optimistic. Read the links at the bottom of the above article; there's some really good stuff. Interconnected in particular has a nice dense reaction that predicts as likely a scenario as anything.

Somewhat lost in the panel discussion in which the buyout happened to be announced was the introduction of AudBlog, which is kind of interesting but isn't a killer app or anything, IMO. I want someone to put something together where I can make a phone call and dictate a post. I'm guessing speech recognition technology isn't there yet, and once I get WiFi and a laptop, the issue becomes pretty moot, given how fast I type. (Easy for me to say, here on my boyfriend's computer & dialup.)

There's a lot of stuff I want to write about. I got some good gossip on Phil Spector while I was away. (Not surprisingly, the friend-of-Phil doesn't think he did it, or if he did, it was an accident, but he had some good details about the layout of the house and how Phil's help is instructed to deal with new visitors, etc.)

Liberal Radio Is Planned by Rich Group of Democrats (NYT link). Haw haw. Actually, it would be great if the genius of the Daily Show could be brought to the radio. However, it would be impossible to sustain a show/network like this if one were rudely deprived of the rich comedy motherlode that the Democratic Party has become.

This is really good, about smart kids and nerds and popularity. I'm going to send it to my parents so they can get it to my (mostly younger) cousins.

Ooh, and girlfriend, check out the Eggers article.


Last night I was all nervous and anxious and worried, and worried that I was anxious over the terror thing, and mad that I might be because it's just so worthless, you know.

Then I remembered that I had a soda at 2 in the afternoon, which I never do because I usually don't like soda and I don't do caffeine after 10 in the morning. So I wrote it off as crazy chemicals.

I lie in bed watching 24, the best show around at the moment, wishing we got President Palmer because he's such a badass. (Although I'm not down with this torture thing that's been going on.) (President Palmer is also HOTT.) The boyfriend is next to me and I keep thinking about how he's the source of all goodness and how much I'm going to miss him when I go on this little tiny business trip in a few days. I give him an elbow in the ribs and he throws his big muscley arm around me and squeezes me close.

When I fell asleep I dreamed of New York City. I was in a building with dirty windows, and when I looked through the window, I could see people walking by on ground level. Then when I rubbed the grime away, I could see that there was rubble in the streets and the people outside were dirty and their clothes were torn. They didn't seem aware of any of it; like only I could see the troubles by looking through this glass. Something bad was going on.

And actually once I went outside and talked to people, they knew that something bad was going on, but they didn't care much. Let's go out and get a drink, they said! It's New York City!


Having spent the better part of a 12-hour day at work in front of a computer, I come home and promptly get online again.

Word is I should be stockpiling food, but no.

I think this is a really great idea. I'm such a big fan of public, reasoned debate.

And finally: Awww.


Believe it or not, I have gossip about John Tesh.

Calm down.

It's not exciting goat-related gossip, it's just stupid radio gossip. And I really can't repeat it, because it's not nice to tell secrets. And believe it or not, I have nothing against John Tesh. Stay tuned; I'm sure all will be revealed.


Breaking my resolution not to blog at work because I must shout into the ether: I HATE THE STUPID COLOR ALERT SYSTEM.

I don't have anything intelligent to say about this; I'm just sputtering at the moment. There must be a better way to deal with all this.


Ranted a couple of times about radio issues on MetaFilter the last couple of days, and felt like it was kind of worthless. I always wait until way too long in the life of a thread before I decide I have something worthwhile to say, and by that time everyone's moved on. I just get peeved when MeFi starts sounding like the Moral Majority talking about how the media is a cultural wasteland, and the people need to be saved from their own 'bad taste.'

In other news, it's hard to get a job. I'm kind of afraid to start trying, especially since the radio and record industry seems to be doing even worse. I found out yesterday that one of the smaller record labels is shutting down (I don't want to mention who because I've only heard this from one person, and you likely wouldn't care about their artists anyway, which is the reason they're shutting down, I expect).

Yesterday on the air I was talking about the two designs that were selected as semifinalist plans for the WTC site. Although some people are saying the THINK design (NYT link) is too visually close to the original twin towers, I really like it. A woman emailed me later and said that she also prefered that design and pointed me toward the animation that's available on the NYT site (click on 'Envisioning Downtown' from the link above). She thought it was just like I said, like the ghosts of the towers watching over the city, and that seing the animation and realizing the design made her cry.

This kind of stuff makes my life. I don't even remember saying that, and in a way I try so hard to forget that people are listening (so that I don't freak out), but when someone takes the time to talk back, it just kills me. It's amazing to get so excited about something that you have to call a friend, say "I'm so angry" or "let's go to this play" or "holy crap, have you heard this new album?" I'm lucky enough to do this on a bigger scale, but the emotions are the same, and that's what makes it so good. We've got to keep it pure like that.


Nothing like waking up and realizing that you'll probably have a couple of good fights that day. I have two meetings today with the person voted Most Likely To Fight With Programming. He's in the business to make money, we're in the business because we don't give a shit about money. You see the conflict. It's nothing really about him in particular, it's just his role in the company. I kind of admire him, because he gets things done. But that doesn't make him any less of a pain in the ass.

The job I was thinking about applying for in Big City got filled yesterday. They hired someone who does that exact same job at another radio station in the city. Am I fooling myself by thinking I'm a legitimate contender for these kind of jobs? I think I'm really good at mine, but some people in the big cities only want people who are already in a big city. Oh well. Nothing worth worrying about.

I'm going to refrain from thinking too much about the Phil Spector thing for the moment. Poor lady.